High Tech Womens Vibrators – Our Top 5! 

Our world is changing rapidly and it seems like everything has gone high tech. Have I got news for you; and our sex lives have not been exempt! There has been a massive rise in the demand for design centric products in the adult sex toy, womens vibrators and male sex toy market over the last ten years, and designers have *cough… come to the party! Here we are in 2018 with a huge range of high tech vibrators and sex toys available to us, right at our finger tips. So much functionality in such a small package. We are seeing womens vibrators and male sex toys with voice control, app control, remote control, speaker systems, music control and heaps more! These units are now being made completely waterproof and from medical grade seamless silicone which makes them super durable and long lasting. Not only are these features becoming more mainstream, we are seeing most new products with USB charging with cable or even magnetic charging. Designs are becoming sleek and smooth, and are a real pleasure to see and feel. You might want to even put these new designs on show! https://www.candypants.com.au/product-category/high-tech/

There is so much going on right now that I am going to try to narrow down the top five best high tech womens vibrators on the market. here goes starting from five and counting down, drum roll please…..


5: OMANI Heating Massager & Rabbit Vibrator: 

This isa seriously versatile sex toy! The Omani massager is so powerful with 48 vibration modes, heating and three motors for the ultimate in massage and vibrator fun. This is a sleek and stylish dual action vibrator and massager in one. It is designed with a gently curving shaft to stimulate the G-spot whilst the vibrating rabbit style tickler stimulates the clitoris. The massage head has a seperate motor and works independently of the shaft and rabbit, so can be used for massaging or teasing. The three powerful motors can be used together for the ultimate in stimulation.

The powerful motors delivery no less than 48 vibration variations through the shaft, tickler and the massaging head, making this one of the most powerful and versatile vibrating massagers on the market. The easy to use touch pad interface gives you the ultimate in control at the touch of a button. LED lights indicate changes in vibration modes and charging, assisting with use in the dark. This massager is 100% waterproof so can be used in the bath, shower or pool. It has convenient USB charging and when full charge has been reached, the battery life can last up to 2.5 hours in full use.



4: NALONE Mango & Fifi 2 Love Egg:

These two little toys arrive in a box together. The Fifi has been upgraded to allow connectivity to the Mango love egg. Nalone Mango and Fifi2 is a cheeky stimulating set of vibrators consisting of a mini love egg and an innovative clitoral nipple stimulator. Fifi2 is designed to stimulate the nipples or clitoris while the Mango love egg is inserted in to the vagina for extra enjoyment. Both are made from super sot velvety silicone and are 100% waterproof which makes them super versatile and durable.

The Fifi2 has two silicone tips that wrap around the nipple or clitoris for ultimate control on contact, and can be used with or without the connecting love egg. The two control buttons control the mini vibrator and love egg from the one convenient location. Connect the Mango love egg to the base of the Fifi2, then insert in to the vagina. Operate the vibrations of the love egg from the Fifi2 unit whilst teasing the nipples or clitoris with the silicone tips. Both units have 7 vibration modes to suit every mood. Is USB rechargeable from a cable so they can be ready for action whenever you are!



3: NALONE Sweetie Vibrator Voice Activated & Remote Control:

Nalone Sweetie Voice Activated Vibrator Remote Control is a super cool vibrator to exercise the vaginal muscles and enhance sexual stimulation. The Sweetie unit is made from silky soft silicone which is velvety to touch. There is a large egg on one end joined with a length of silicone with a smaller egg at the base. The larger egg contains a powerful motor, once activated, is then controlled by the smaller wireless remote. With the help of some waterbased or silicone lubricant, the larger egg is inserted in to the vagina leaving the smaller egg outside the entry to the vagina. The smaller egg contains the activator for the voice or music control of the Sweetie vibrating egg. Switch the Sweetie to voice/music activation mode on the wireless remote control, then feel the vibrations from your voice, your partners voice, or any music in the surrounding area.

This is a super cool, state of the art and discreet set which can be used alone or with a partner, in private or when out and about in a bar, club or any other occasion you want to act out your play. With a remote control distance of up to ten metres, you can be in another room whilst your partner stimulates you from afar, or being 100% waterproof, you can be stimulated remotely whilst inthe bath or shower. When using alone, set the receiver to music mode, turn on the tunes and be stimulate to the beat of your favourite music. This really is an intelligent and versatile mini vibrator for individuals and couples. 



2: LUXLUV Venus Mini Rabbit Vibrator:

LuxLuv Venus Mini Rabbit Vibrator has a cute bunny design, and comes with an accompanying heart shaped wireless remote control, which can also be used as a nipple or clitoral stimulator. The main bunny vibrator has a powerful motor contained in the main body, with 8 variations in vibrating modes. The main body of the bunny is designed to insert in the vagina with the bunny ears resting on the clitoris. The bunny ears vibrate in conjunction with the bunny body for a delicious and exciting sexual experience. The bunny is operated independently or via wireless remote control, which also has a powerful motor and can be used seperately as a nipple or clitoral stimulator.

Both units are waterproof, so can be used in the shower or bath. The bunny is small enough to wear for exciting couples play with the remote control range being up to ten metres. Made of silky soft brushed silicone, the bunny is flexible and soft so is comfortable to wear whilst sitting or standing. The remote control unit is a small heart shape, which can be easily and discretely held in the hand during intimate play or remote couples play. Well deserving of second spot on this list! 



1: NALONE Rhythm 2 Rabbit Vibrator:

Nalone Rhythm 2 Voice Activated Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator is a high-tech female vibrator with 7 vibration and 2 voice modes for hands free fun. Rhythm 2 is a super cool vibrator with loads of features to increase your pleasure and play. The flowing lines and super soft silicone body ensure the most deeply satisfying sensations. This updated version of the Rhythm has the benefit of more powerful motors and largely silicone design.

The controls at the base of the unit are super easy to use and light up so you can see them in the dark. There is an independent button for the motor in the tickler and the motor in the shaft, along with a voice activation and bluetooth button. The vibration settings in the tickler and the shaft can be used independently of each other or used simultaniously so you have the ultimate control over the sensations you receive.

The vibrator is voice activated and responds to the beat of music or to your voice. No need to program your voice to the unit, just switch over to voice/music mode and the Rhythm 2 will respond any time it hears you speak or to the beat of the music. Switch over to Bluetooth mode and connect directly to your device. The Rhythm 2 will play your music or movie directly through it’s inbuilt speaker and vibrate to the beat or sounds of the input. Although the speaker has a reasonably low volume, it makes up for that in the intensity of the vibrations throughout the shaft and the tickler. This vibrator really is great fun for alone time or couples play. Easily number one in my eyes! 



Special Mention: LUXLUV Alisa:

I must make a special mention about the LUXLUV Alisa Dual Vibrator Kegel Massager. This little gem is intended for couples use to increase arousal. Insert the u-shaped vibrator into the vagina with the vibrating tongue resting on the clitoris. Use the remote control to vary the vibration settings for the ultimate in pleaseure. The remote control also has multiple vibration settings and can be used independently as a discreet clitoral or nipple stimulator. The beautiful packaging contains two units, the vaginal vibrating unit and the remote control which are both USB charging (cable included). There are 8 vibration settings for each unit which make this a very versatile set. Being so small, they are also highly portable and come with a silky storage bag to transport or keep away from dust when not in use. The packaging is also very beautiful and is perfect for a gift or when you want to treat yourself to something special. 

LuxLuv Alisa Couples Remote Control Vibrator

So there you have it! The top 5 best high tech womens vibrators just in time for Valentines Day! Order anything for Valentines Day from the Candy Pants Adult Toys exclusive online sex toy store, and you will receive a free 30ml JO flavoured lubricant valued at $9.95 with every order. Happy vibes to you all.

Love Candy!