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Looking to buy sexual lubricants & body products, pheromones sprays and titillating gels online? Candy Pants offer a huge range of body products to enhance your arousal and sexual play. Flavoured, organic, silicone or water based lubricants are a great way to introduce a smooth and satisfying experience or enhance the one you’re already having. 

The Gelato flavoured lube tastes delicious (and are sugar-free), so you can lick and suck to your heart’s content. Our huge range of oral gels are perfect for satisfying your partner whilst adding flavour and titillation. Try our range of pheromone body sprays and deodorants to attract your mate and keep them coming back for more, and more, and more.

Our range of lubricants is great for use with women’s vibrators, dildos or male sex toys. Our specialist range of anal lubes is great for prostate massagers and anal plugs, or any kind of anal play, adding an extra level of smoothness and satisfaction to your big moment.

Warming and cooling, clitoral and nipple stimulators and prolonger gels are all part of our huge range of lubricants and gels you can buy online from our adult sex toy store. 

Buying lubricants online is easy and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the flavours and sensations of our premium products.