Nalone Jack Male Masturbation Cup App Control

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Nalone Jack Male Masturbation Cup App Control is a high-tech masturbation cup which can be remotely controlled, has 7 vibration modes and 100% waterproof. Free delivery over $100.

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Nalone Jack Male Masturbation Cup App Control is a high-tech masturbation cup. It’s the big brother to the Bling cup, with loads more features including 10 vibration modes and is 100% waterproof.

These high tech male sex toys is an intelligent masturbation cup with Bluetooth connectivity and can be controlled via the Nalone downloadable app. Jack is ergonomically designed for comfort and discretion, and from the outer looks very similar to it’s younger brother, Bling. However, the similarities are purely cosmetic.

The Nalone Jack Male Masturbation Cup is a much larger unit and has a soft silicone outer shell with criss-cross pattern which really assists with grip. The mouth of the unit is large with the head narrowing to help maintain a firm hold, making it suitable for left or right-handed users. The Jack is quite a bit heavier than the Bling and weighs a hefty 696 grams. The Jack has a super soft pillowy silicone inner, designed to simulate the inside of a vagina or anus. The entrance hole to the silicone insert is reasonably tight but expands to meet the needs of the user. The entrance hole will only expand as much as is necessary to allow entrance to the silicone vagina/anus insert. The silicone will return to its original shape after use.

Once inside the silicone, your penis will experience a range of stimulus from the variations in surfaces inside the silicone vagina/anus, along with the arousal supplied by the multiple vibration settings. You can manually control the Jack unit with the single soft touch button on the side, or you can use the Nalone app and Bluetooth connectivity to control the sensations. This makes the Nalone Jack Male Masturbation Cup a great toy for individual or couples use, as your partner can be the one to control the vibration settings. Jack charges via USB cable to the built in lithium polymer battery so can always be charged at full power whenever the mood takes you.

Once you complete use of the Jack, the silicone insert can be removed and washed thoroughly, along with the plastic cups at either end of the unit which can also be washed and dried. We recommend giving the silicone insert ample time to dry before reinserting it into the silicone outer of the unit, as this will prolong the life of your male sex toys and reduce the chances of bacteria being trapped in the crevices of the silicone insert. The manufacturer recommends using a specialised toy powder designed for silicone toys or non-talc powder to apply to the silicone insert to assist in thorough drying of the product.

Key Nalone Jack Male Masturbation Cup Features:

* Soft skin like textured silicone insert
* Bluetooth connectivity and app control
* 7 vibration settings for extra stimulation
* Removable insert for easy cleaning
* Wide access mouth and narrow head for easy grip
* Non-slip criss cross surface for extra confidence


Materials: Silicone & Plastic
Size: 228mm (L)*100mm (W)*95mm (D)
Vibration Modes: 10 modes + bluetooth app control
Noise level: Less than 50dB
Battery: Lithiium polymer USB charging
Usage Time: 2 hours
Remote control (App) distance: Up to 10 metres
Waterproof Level: 100% waterproof
Manufacturers Warranty: 1 year

Stylish Nalone packaging contains Jack masturbation cup with life like silicone insert, instruction manual, USB charging cable, lubricant sample, warranty certificate. Candy Pants delivers premium male sex toys Australia wide.

Additional information

Weight 0.696 kg
Dimensions 22.8 × 6.6 × 9.5 cm


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